Yes, DR HYGIENNIZER™ products are free from all chemicals like sulphates, triclosan, polymer, Carbomer. They are also paraben- free and alcohol-free. To ensure healthy cleaning for you and our environment, our products are designed to prove biodegradable, non-flammable as well as alcohol-free.

No! The artificial fragrance and color pigments cause high amounts of damage, so they are not a part of any of our ingredients. To include those properties, instead of chemicals, DR HYGIENNIZER™ uses natural agents like pure essential oils. This would ensure no-damage to both your health as well as the environment.

Yes, DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaning agents are highly proficient for any surface. You can use the materials for tiles, rough surfaces, mirrors, and glass lining. The high efficient pigments do an excellent job of giving sparkling clean shine to your surfaces.

It is safe to use DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners on any kind of surface, including mirrors and glassware. Few additional measures are required while applying on glassware which are coated with different designs. The design might be affected or altered if the usage amount is high in the first clean.

Steps: Kindly use a certain amount of cleaning agent on the object and ensure careful cleaning. Repeat the same for a couple of times in a week to ensure reliability. It can be used if there is no damage caused to the object flawlessly.

DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners are entirely safe on ceramics, acrylic, porcelain, and stainless steel objects. Require additional support or not so safe to use on brass, granite, and cultured marbles.

Yes, after a proper cleaning ordeal of the kitchen tops and floors with the DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners, they can be utilized for the food preparation and usage. No leftover residue or harmful agents would be present to damage your food.

DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners are proven to destroy germs, bacteria, and harmful viruses on every surface. They are highly efficient as their antimicrobial properties play a vital role.

No, the highly dissolvable DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners do not leave any residue after the cleaning when the right amounts of water are used in the cleaning process. As we understand the effects caused by the leftover residue, we completely ensure that our cleaners do not have the same.

Absolutely! Babies and kids can play endlessly on the floors after the cleaning. DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaning leaves no trace of germs or bacteria on your floor, which is completely safe for your children.

Yes, the general and flu causing germs and viruses are removed with DR HYGIENNIZER™ cleaners. Eucalyptus essential oil used in the cleaners performs this job, which also boosts the immune potential of yours.


Yes, DR HYGIENNIZER™ Pet Hygiene Spray is a complete skin-friendly product enriched with essential oils such as Eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, citronella and lavender that have high antimicrobial properties. These oils not only ensure cleanliness but also look after your pet's immunity leaving a soothing effect, keeping your pet itch-free all day long.


DR HYGIENNIZER™ products are lab tested. We don’t want to harm small furry creatures or any creatures, furry or not! All of the DR HYGIENNIZER™ products are tested in laboratories as well as in our own homes.

No, we guarantee our testing procedures, which are entirely animal-free. All the test procedures are completed in the lab.

Undoubtedly! We respect and value your interests. We are committed to being vegan friendly, and all our testing procedures happen in the same manner.