Spray for the cute prey

A hygiene powerbomb to get free kisses from your cuddle buddy forever 




"Perhaps the greatest gift that a animal can give us , is a permanent reminder that who we really are "


There is nothing like an  unconditional love of your  Fur-ever friend . They greet you , admire you , wait for you each and every day until you come home .  Moreover , they love you more than their own self ,  and this is one of the best feeling in the world .  We are sure that you all are in an awestruck of these creatures just like us .  So, we were just thinking , why not gift something spectral to your buddy for their well-being .  We  at  Dr. Hygeinnizer cherish your relationship and came out with products to make that string unbreakable . Here are some useful ways from our side to help you out . 



Pets are more delicate than you really think . If you don't take proper care of them , they are high risk of getting infected with various kinds of malicious infections and diseases like brain tumors , urinary infections , skin infections and what not . Hence , we came out  with a eccentric idea of a highly effective pet spray to make the stand easier . 




Our pet hygiene spray is clinically tested and highly researched just for every adorable soul out there. We love your friend as much as you do. This 500 ml of total pet healthcare pack is Eco- Friendly and Probiotic. All the ingredients used are handpicked with high precision and under the expert supervision of veterinarians. 

You can use this as much as you want  because of its chemical nature with usage of enzyme with  richness  of fruit . Worried about those evil , tiny , devilish pesticides bothering the soul of the pets . Why worry ? Why even think ? . Our pet spray are capable of annihilating  them all in one stroke of power . 

Experience the joy of  total cleanness  and gift your pet a healthy gift of nature from our side . We are Dr. Hygiennizer , "  Your next door doctor hygiene ". 


                                                                             Written by Divyabh Shekhar